So, I’ve got just over two weeks to pull together the various threads of thought that are floating around in my head into a cohesive presentation on how Wikis can be used for collaboration.

Part of the presentation will focus on some social engineering tips to foster usage, and, ultimately, the pitch is that a Wiki can replace the email/document cycle.

I’ve got a fair idea of the content, but I’d be interested to know if any of you use a Wiki on a regular basis and, if you do, what you use it for?

Also, anyone near Warwick? I’ll probably not have much time – I travel down on the 20th November and will be attending the pre-conference dinner, the conference is on the 21st, and I’m travelling back up on the 22nd (Tues, Wed and Thurs respectively). Will probably only really be free on the Thurs morning to be honest but, if anyone is around, let me know. Even if it’s just to hook up for a coffee.

Anyway, Wiki thoughts please.