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I’ve had my head stuck in various planning documents, so a shorter list than usual but, hopefully, thought provoking none the less.

  • Documentation = dollars ~ “Software development without documentation is self-centric. Documentation is a signal that the developer actually cares about her downstream users. For projects that actually want downstream users, write good documentation. It won’t cannibalize buyers: it will create them.”
  • TechComm Pros Wiki – could grow into a very useful resource, and as it’s a Wiki you can help.
  • TICAD 2007 – OK, this one is a bit cheeky as I’m going to be speaking at it. More on that later, but the programme looks interesting and has some excellent speakers (I’ve shared dinner with Bernard Aschwanden who is smart, engaging and… tells a dirty joke like you wouldn’t believe).

That aside, the issue of blogging came up on TechWR yesterday, with some people stating that they didn’t read blogs as they were just one persons opinion… but to me that is entirely the point. Admittedly weeding out the opinionated from the passionate, and the intelligent from the insulting can be tricky, but you soon gain a good radar for such things.

And I guess I should ask, which am I?

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