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A soft coating of dust is not an usual sight in my home office. Every now and then it gets sufficiently bad that the naughty words and pictures drawn in it are a little too obvious and it’s time get the dusters and polish out from the cupboard under the sink, and spend a little time making my little corner of the house a little more habitable. Inevitably it will also involve reorganising my desk or bookshelves, and the production of at least one big black bin bag of rubbish.

Such a momentous event occurred last weekend and I can happily report that my home office is now spick and span and.. ohh wait.. it’s not really. I had started to dust and tidy but soon the re-organisation bug kicked in and I was swapping book around on shelves, moving a box of cables and peripherals to the cupboard, shuffling my monitor onto a stand, and so on and so what.

During all this, as I nipped back and forth from iTunes to skip past the Christmas Carol that random mode kept throwing at me, I noticed that my camera was dusty.

Now, I do keep it in a case but since it’s last outing a couple of weeks ago it’s been lying on my desk, precisely where I left it after getting the photos from it.

This is not a good thing.

Not because of the coating of dust but because it’s going against everything I said when I bought the camera. Namely that I’d, you know, use it to take photos. More often. That last bit is the important one.

I need to get out more, and take my camera with me.

One slight problem is the fact that, largely, Louise and I don’t really do that much.

Our weekends are either filled with chores and work, visiting family, or attending any number of events (not all of which I take my camera too anyway). It’s not that we are boring but…

God, that’s it! We are boring. Great.

Not quite where I thought this blog post was heading but there you go, the truth will out.

Sort of.

You see it’s not that we don’t do anything but it’s more that, whilst Louise will tolerate me and my camera, I am always conscious that my repeated “hold on, I want to get it from this angle” warblings may be a bit of a drag.

So what I really need to do is get out more on my own. That’s it. Perhaps a day spent wandering round Glasgow will suffice. A little shopping on the way.. yes that sounds ideal.

And any notion that I may happen to be in Glasgow this Saturday morning in time for the opening of the Apple store is.. obviously, ridiculous. Mind you, I did hear they are giving away free t-shirts.

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Don’t be too concerned about being boring. Many of the most boring people I know are also the happiest people I know. If you’re dissatisfied with your boring life, I think that’s a problem. If your life just appears boring to outsiders, then I think you’re probably in good shape.

Though I would allow that picture are nice and something I too should take more of.

Free t-shirts in exchange for your soul.

mum says:

oh SOooo like father like son!

It’s the same in our house. I actually took my SLR to the Jamboree, but I can’t remember the last time I used it before that. Now I want the digital body so my lenses can be kept, but is it really worth it given how little I remember to take a camera with me?

It’s not being boring. It’s normal. When you work all week all the other stuff has to be done on the weekend. Usually on the fabled “day of rest”.

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