Whilst I remember…

A few things I’ve been meaning to mention, none of which really warrant an entire blog post.

1. I’m rebranding
The “one man” brand is getting an update, and all of my sites will get a few design tweaks. Whilst I’m in the midst of that, is there anything I need to do for this site? I know about the comment numbers in IE (cropped on the left), and that the search isn’t working from all pages but, those aside, are there any other major issues that need fixed, or anything that you’d like to see?

2. Mac fanboys suck
I’m including Steve Jobs in that as he sets the trend. Googling for anything that includes the terms Mac and PC typically offers little value and LOADS of “PCs are fugly” type ranting by Mac fanboys. Not only does it make finding useful cross-platform information harder than it should be, it also reflects badly on the very brand the idiots are saying is “way better then (sic) PC, they suks (again with the sic)”.

Not only that but I increasingly find myself biting my tongue, and holding off pointing out that it’s not “PC” but “Windows” against which they rail. Idiots.

3. Mini Coopers are evil
I’m pretty sure that having driven my mate’s Mini Cooper around for the past couple of weeks is the reason I’ve got a sore leg. It’s the S Model so the clutch is pretty stiff, and coupled with a completely different driving position, has aggravated an old groin strain and isn’t helping my knee either.

Add in the fact that it is almost impossible to drive the damn thing slowly and wheeeeee it’s fun! Just wish the weather had been better, I’ve only had the roof down a few times. Nice wee car but I don’t think I could live with it to be honest, and I’m quite looking forward to getting my Civic back and returning to comfort.

4. Lurgy?
Louise spent most of last night hacking and coughing, and this morning I have the tell-tale signs of a slightly raw throat and sensitive ear. Great. Just in time for the weekend.

As a kid I used to get awful earache, and whilst I’m not sure if, medically speaking, that makes me prone to such but I am certainly very aware when anything starts up in that area.

Right, don’t expect much over the weekend.

Although I might post a joke that made my Mum laugh…


  1. Matt said:

    1. “All feeds feed”. Remember? No?

    3. My sister thinks nobody who owns a BMW Mini should be allowed into the official Mini Owners Club, as they’re not real Minis. Real minis were designed by Sir Alec Issigonis, and are cool. Fake Minis were designed by a committee, and are not cool. Story. End of.

    Jokes that make Mums laugh are always welcome, as Mums only laugh at things that are funny.

    August 17, 2007
  2. Gordon said:

    Yeah Matt, I remember the All feeds feed but at present it isn’t possible. Unless Feedburner have updated with new functionality.

    August 17, 2007
  3. Rob said:

    Rabid Mac Fanboys are a most annoying breed indeed. They’re basically the Jehovah Witness’ of the technology world, always knocking on my door and trying to convert me.

    August 17, 2007

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