… no we didn’t win the Lottery, but if we had, I’d have a year long “see the world” holiday (and I mean real world, not “luxury hotel” world.. well ok, a few luxury hotels..), then distribute as much of the money as I could, leaving enough for Louise and I to live off without having to work again (in a modest detached house).

… Twitter, Facebook and the like. These are good for blogging as those of us who still blog have a little more ‘clear space’ into which we can shout. The ‘casuals’ are moving to more immediate and easier to maintain services. Perhaps.

… September looms and the possibilty of starting an MA in Technical Communications approaches. Or do I put it off until February (takes 3 years anyway).

… tinkering with my other sites a little, a minor rebrand is on the way and will alter things here slightly.

… there is a possibility of a fairly high profile client coming my way. Wants a website, will need to be on form for that one.

… no run over the weekend as my knee is a little (tendon) tender. Will try for tonight but Mondays are never good.

… we hired a gardener! How posh are we!! OK, it’s just to cut the grass and do a little weeding but it should free us up to do the other jobs, planting, fence painting, step building, patio re-laying type stuff. Lord knows there isn’t a shortage. And that’s before we finally finish painting the hall.

… and finally, once I finish it, I will post what may well be the last “Windows” focussed techy post here. I’ve using my Mac more and more at home, and once I get a wireless keyboard and mouse for it, I can see me using it almost full-time (I’ve got it hooked up to my LCD monitor already).

… I really must stop abusing this format as it’s a terrible excuse for a blog post.


  1. hans said:

    We had a gardener once, stole the TV…

    We also had insurance….

    August 13, 2007
  2. James said:

    I saw a house for rent in Chipping Campden once for £2500 a month.

    You got a gardener with that too 🙂

    August 13, 2007
  3. Ian's Mum said:

    We have had a man cutting the grass for years but we don’t seem to do all those other things like painting the hall, ( except when absolutely when it really needs it) however we do go sailing…. life’s short… enjoy! John the grass cutter is, by the way, honest, and a real treasure, hope yours is same.

    August 14, 2007
  4. Ian's Mum said:

    Gordon, please advise how much is enough to live on if you never work again, I have been trying to figure that out for years now1

    August 14, 2007

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