Searching for focus

I’ve hit an unexpected problem with this blog, one which I didn’t think I’d hit for quite a while, if at all.

I can’t seem to find a focus.

Now, considering that this blog has the breadth of topics that the umbrella of “Technical Communications” covers that really shouldn’t be possible. But that isn’t really where I’m falling down.

I’ve long since held the belief that you don’t, ever, blog about your workplace. Confidentiality issues aside, it just doesn’t seem very professional to have a second dialogue, in a remote location, that discusses either colleagues, working practises, or general morale issues so other than some very “good day/bad day” hints, I’ve tended to steer clear of it altogether.

Which, for a blog that is centred on my professional life, makes things a little awkward.

Of course I don’t need to look too far for plenty of topics that aren’t directly related to my current employer but as there are already many blogs out there that cover general ‘tech comms’ news, it was something I deliberately veered away from.

So I now find myself searching for a focus for this blog, and until I hit upon a formula that works for me, as the writer, I’m afraid that you, dear reader, will need to put up with my tried and tested “if in doubt, blog” methodolgy. Of which this post is a shining example.

I guess it’s akin to writers block. The best way to break it is to start writing, about anything. I remember reading about one writer that, when “the block” descended on his writing, took to writing out his shopping trips in longhand. Pretty soon he was back in the flow, and found it much easier to switch back to his day job.

I do the same, although I guess blogging is a little different. At least I find one aspect of it different, namely the title of each post. I know that I can go back and add a title once I’ve finished but it’s not my habit, just yet, and so I find that a vague idea for a blog post is stated in the title but what follows, what flows when I start to type, is rarely what I thought I was going to discuss.

Ultimately I’m not searching for focus at all, I’m trying to kickstart this blog by forcing my own hand. If I keep writing the content will come, and so, I hope will something of use to anyone who reads it. It may just be that summer lull that all bloggers go through, but despite my best efforts, I’m finding posting here harder than it should/needs be.

I’ll keep bashing away at the keyboard though and hopefully things will start to take shape here. Ohh and that reminds me, there are some design changes needing done, so if things look a little wonky (or completely different) over the next couple of days, then don’t panic. It’s me, not you.

Phew. Post finished. That wasn’t so hard, was it?

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