1. No idea beth, they were favours at the wedding I attended at the weekend. I can ask Alan or Stuart when they get back!

  2. Sorry Peggy, none left!

    And Chris, that’s a very good point. I ate one on Monday and no side effects yet but I haven’t checked to see if the glitter “passed” (and I’m not gonna!)

  3. Modern-day silver balls. Remember those on cakes in the 70s and 80s? Specialist cake decorating shops (and online suppliers of such stuff) sell edible glitter. And balls.

    I can’t remember what camera you’re using Gordon? I’m only asking as mine is practically dead and, despite reading almost everything on the subject, and asking Those Who Know, I am still totally undecided about what to get.

  4. I hope not Lesley, fairy cakes have “wings”! (like on the left of this picture, yes yes, it’s bad to steal bandwidth but I can’t leave this wrong unrighted!!)

    They are definitely cup cakes.

    End of.

  5. As the supplier of said cakes (and I still can’t believe I never got to eat one!) it was “Disco White Hologram Edible Glitter”. So hopefully you can all sleep easy now.
    Unless you never got to try one.

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