I start to lose focus.

I was going to write up a post about why I think this happens and how generally ‘meh’ I’m feeling about.. well.. everything, right now, but I can’t even manage that. I’m not unhappy, just tired. I think.

I wonder if it’s just because I’ve not been for a run for almost a week.

I’ve hardly commented on any other blogs recently, which isn’t really like me, so I’m taking that as a sign. Of what, I have no idea.

The annoying thing is that I’m not short of ideas, just short of the inclination to do anything with them.

Maybe I should just list the ideas and be done with it.

I’ll be changing a few things (not here, elsewhere) to make things a little easier on myself, so I’d expect either complete nonsense or complete silence from me until next week.

I’m three chapters into the final Harry Potter book. I’m sorely tempted to just skip to the end.

I wonder why I always want to change things despite the fact I’m quite busy enough as it is, why do I heap more pressure on myself than it seems I can handle? I generally get there in the end but it would be much easier if I stopped adding more things to my list.

Ohh and I’m not down or fed-up and shouldn’t really be moaning at all I know. I’m very lucky. I know that.

The inability to concentrate is a bit of a bother though…