Fighting email overload with

“… with email, often times the sender will ask two or three open-ended one sentence questions which elicit multi-paragraph answers. In these cases, the sender spends one minute and the receiver is asked, implicitly, to spend maybe an hour.”

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  1. Richard said:

    Email overload is just like any other type of information overload, and it can be easily tackled – but not in the way that this person suggests. His suggested policy is just plain selfish.

    In my opinion those people who feel overloaded with email have, more often than not, invited the situation upon themselves. They have either encouraged people to write to them in the past, or have subscribed to innumerable mailing lists. And then… suddenly… when it gets too much, they complain.

    If he was properly serious about wanting to adjust his email to manageable levels, he would cut out some of the information channels completely, and devote his time to those people to which he can respond properly. But lots of people in his situation won’t ever take this route, as they don’t want to feel ‘out of the loop’. They are information addicts.

    July 23, 2007

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