How does it know?!

In preparation for painting on Sunday, I filled the iPod with a random selection of ‘general listening’ music, or as Louise said “I hope you didn’t just fill it with your crap…”. As it turned out it was a pretty good selection, even if we only got through 108 of 784 tracks..

Fast forward to last night, I dash into the house, change into my running stuff, grab said iPod and dash back out the door (big dark clouds, and I wanted to try and remain slightly dry you see, yeah yeah I know, I’m a big wuss). I jump in the car and head off to the park and I’m halfway there before I realise that I’ve not changed the music on the iPod.

Oh well, nothing for it now, I think to myself and head off on my run.

First track, Take it Easy by The Eagles; “Well I’m a runnin’ down the road, tryin ta loosen my load..”. I laugh a little to myself.

20 minutes later, right after a large hill, Robert Palmer, Addicted to Love: “You’re runnin’ at a different speed,
Your heart beats in double time… Your throat is tight, you can’t breathe”. This time I grimace along, ironically.

And I actually think that, gosh, how ironic.. and that gets me thinking about.. bloody hell, the very next track.

I almost stop running in shock.


  1. Karma Chameleon does it for me, every time.

    “Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Karma, Cha MEE Lee ON

    (Pause, pause)

    You come and go

    (Pause, pause)

    You come and go – oh oh oh.

    (Repeat for as many miles as you wish.) Oh, they don’t write them like that any more…

  2. B-b-but why don’t you just have all your music on the pod and use playlists?

    Or do you have more music than iPod capacity would allow?

  3. anx, dear, as you rightly deduce, I have WAY more music than my 4GB iPod Nano would hold (approx 20 times.. yes.. 20).

    Normally I do use playlists of course, I just forgot is all.

  4. I love the way my iPod predicts my mood. Not that I run or anything, mind, but it seems to know when I am standing in a queue seething and need something soothing…

  5. See, the beauty of the pod, for me, is that it’s got everything on it and I don’t have to fiddle with it – only when buying new music (which I don’t do very often, because I’m old and out of touch, bless me).

    I don’t think I could be arsed to keep reloading it.

    But then, I’m okay because I haven’t got anywhere near as much music as you!

  6. I once spent the weekend at a very expensive health farm. ON Monday morning I got in the car, turned the radio on, and the first words to come out of the speakers were from Soul II Soul…. Back to life, back to reality….

    How bloody true.

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