In my menubar I have…

OSX Menubar

Last Mac specific post for a while, promise.

So, from left to right then:

  • InstantShot! – with which the screenshot was taken.
  • YouTune controls – play, next and the down arrow gives access to all the functionality.
  • iScrobbler – app.
  • Google Notifier – which checks my GMail account and my calendar (with a Growl script used to provide notifications).
  • Aurora – an excellent little alarm app.
  • Slim Battery Monitor – which … well you can guess, right?
  • QuickSilver
  • Built-in Airport icon, currently connected to my home network and not one of the two open networks I can see from my house (not to mention the four secured ones!)
  • Built-in Volume icon
  • MagiCal – which is displaying the date and time.
  • Built-in Spotlight icon

Links for all can be found here.

Since posting that screenshot though, I’ve realised I don’t actually need all of those up there and have removed InstantShot! (which was only running to take the screenshot), Aurora, QuickSilver and the Volume icon. Much cleaner.


  1. Peter said:

    Gordon, you really must stop reading tosh like that Opaque Value Problem. Your brain will turn to blancmange, like all concerned with that silly piece.

    June 23, 2007
  2. Gordon said:

    Tosh? I thought it was quite interesting, and has some value (geddit!). But then I would say that as I linked to it, eh.

    June 23, 2007
  3. Peter said:

    As someone with not one but two degrees in mathematics, I can confidently assert that it is gibberish dressed up as meaning.

    June 23, 2007
  4. Gordon said:

    Ohh well done Peter, two degrees, bravo. Not quite sure why that’s important when discussing an article which touches mainly on psychology and design.

    June 23, 2007
  5. James said:

    Any reason you’re using the audioscrobbler plugin opposed to the app Gordon?

    June 23, 2007
  6. Gordon said:

    Ummm because I always have on my PC…

    The app is, in my opinion, just another application I need to run. Why bother, if I can use the plugin and iTunes (and YouTunes by extension)… been a while since I looked at the app mind you.

    June 23, 2007
  7. Peter said:

    Thanks for the “bravo and well done”, Gordon. I can feel the sincerity from here. Important because in maths texts you learn to – have to, in fact – trace each line logically from the one before. So if you would kindly define the terms “opaque value problem” for me (the title) then I’d know a little more of what’s meant to be happening.

    But you can’t. Because neither can the writer. It’s just gibberish, as I said. How can “value” be “opaque”? Value as in “good value for money”? Opaque? Fuck off.

    Value as in “moral value”? Opaque? What you on about?

    Utter rubbish, which is something youngsters like yourself fall for over and over again. It’s all part of the iPod generation. Can’t tell it’s from its, yet hoover up these crazee expressions.

    Sadly I can’t spend any more valuable time on this matter.

    June 24, 2007
  8. Peter said:

    Woops sorry. Drunk. Please delete and accept my etc.

    June 24, 2007
  9. Gordon said:

    Delete? Of course not. Don’t devalue your honesty Peter!

    As for the title of that post, I’ll take a stab at saying it’s the problem of trying to decide the value (personal measurement) of something when you have NO insight into why people assign value to it.

    Why is Twitter popular? I have been using it for my own reasons, other people will have theirs, we each have a value (a reason for using) assigned to Twitter, but I don’t know why anyone else uses it, so their value is opaque to me.

    Yes it, and a lot of articles like it, are simple statements wrapped up in verbosity. Doesn’t make them uninteresting to read or ponder, and no, I don’t “fall” for all of them.

    The next question is how you get from being a mathematician to a journalist! 😉

    June 24, 2007
  10. Peter said:

    My penultimate paragraph is very rude. Sorry again. I still find it bizarre that a man of your so many talents can’t “do” it’s and its. Still – doesn’t make you a bad person! I think I’ve got alcoholic psychosis today. It was Pride Scotia yesterday, and I seemed to get involved in the apres-Pride.

    June 24, 2007
  11. Gordon said:

    I can “do” it’s and its, I just don’t proofread before I post very often! 😉

    And there’s nowt wrong with a little apres-Pride.

    June 24, 2007
  12. shauna said:

    some top stuff here gordon! you legend! 🙂

    June 26, 2007

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