Hit me, baby, one more time

Another tragic day in the US, another gun related crime (amongst many).

The same arguments will be wheeled out, debated, and forgotten as we move on with our daily lives, the blessing of the unaffected.

Spare a moment, a thought, for those who won’t be able to move on, who will suffer, who are in pain.

And then pause and wonder when it will change. If it will change. Will it change? Will it? How long must it take? How many dead bodies need to be piled up?


  1. One of the main things that dropped my jaw today was the WASP senator who suggested that rather than curtailing guns ‘if all the students had been armed the gunman would have been taken down earlier’ I’m speechless.

  2. It will only change if the US amend their constitution, which is not likely to happen any time soon. Therefore it won’t change and it will happen again. Land of the Free and the Stupid indeed.

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