There is a vague thought tickling the back of my brain, all prompted from spending some time driving around in our new car. No, it’s not about the car, nor about driving, at least not directly. It’s roughly centred around our natural competitive nature, and the weird effect that sitting behind the wheel of a car seems to have.

Basically, having gone from driving a small, low powered, low spec car, we now drive something a little larger, more powerful and higher spec and, and this is surely no coincidence, it seems that we now receive different ‘on road’ treatment from other drivers.

No, I’m not talking about road rage but something akin to it. I’m still not entirely sure what it is though, and I’m perfectly willing to accept that it might be being projected from me but… well I’ll come back to that at a later date.


I mentioned Belbin team analysis the other day and, to answer my own question for I’m sure many of you have lost… ohh… whole minutes of sleep over it, I am primarily a co-ordinator, a chairman, the type of person who gets all excited about new ideas and helps organise and motivate people at the start of a project. Unfortunately, coupled with my secondary role (resource/investigator) my “allowable weaknessâ€? amounts to the fact that I tend to drop things after the initial excitement has died down.

I wish that weren’t true but it’s an easily identifiable trait.

In addition to the Belbin team role, my company also runs another form of personality test which, as I’m hiring, I’m privvy to the results. It’s quite startling how, within the space of 24 questions, the outcome is not only accurate but includes information on whether or not you are ‘adapting your behaviour’ to try and manipulate the test.

Adding these things together, and coupling them with some recent book purchases, and it’s obvious that I’m currently undergoing some form of introspective analysis/psychology study. As usual it was nothing planned but I’ve always found that kind of thing fascinating. Which reminds me that I have a copy of “50 Key Contemporary Figures” to add to the ‘unread pile’. This is especially bad as I bought it from Meg about.. ohh… 4 years ago?

Looks like my next holiday reading list will largely be compiled of non-fiction.


And finally a hello to everyone visiting from the BBC website, I do wish I had a list of suggested reading prepared but I don’t. Sorry. Mind you, the search is usually fairly reliable and as I’ve covered a fair amount of nonsense it’s probably your best bet. Presuming you even get that far, of course…