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I’m still hunting for a solution to my miniblog woes. Miniposts2 plugin doesn’t work, and I really don’t want to/shouldn’t HAVE to hack at PHP code. It can’t be THAT frigging hard, can it? I’m holding out for an update to Miniposts2 in the hope some of the bugs are solved as it’s my best option. I think.

The other blog is still being designed, but I have a few plans for it already.

Unfortunately I’ve been struck down by another bout of killer man-flu and I’m popping antibiotics and decongestants like, um, pills. Motivation to do ANYTHING about ANYTHING is very very low. Add in an afternoon of rugby today and well I’m resigned to being unproductive.

New PC is going fine, but I need to find a small piece of thin rubber to stick to the bottom of this keyboard as it’s bouncing a little.

Musically I’ve just bought an album by Tracey Thorn, and have ‘rediscovered’ “Fix Up, Look Sharp” by Dizzee Rascal. Eagles of Death Metal came on stage to it and it’s WELL BANGIN’ played at that kind of volume. The speakers on my PC aren’t loud enough though… yet. My soundcard does support a 7.1 system (which is an awful lot of cables so I didn’t bother).

The Big One on TV last night wasn’t too bad, and my gob was suitably smacked at our Prime Minister declaring that he’s not “bovverred”. Brilliant stuff. I’m warming to Ms. Tate. Slowly.

And, of course, it’s Mother’s Day tomorrow. A mixed day in our house, and we will take some time to remember my mother-in-law.

Right. Next round of pills is due and I’m off to lie on the sofa. For the rest of the day.

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Ian's mum says:

Hi There,
sad in this house too no matter how old you are your mum was your mum. Going to plant daffs where she is and at least I will feel i have done something. we are here if you need us, always room for another ‘child’.
Keep well.
love you both.

Man-flu, pah!

It’s the first mothers day without my grandmother this year, so I’m round at my mum’s house to give her many hugs.

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