Shaggy Blog Stories

UPDATE: The deadline has been pulled FORWARD. You have until 6pm on Tuesday 13th March (that’s tonight!)

How tardy of me.

At some point, deep in the midst of my brain-melting week, I received an email from mike. Mike had had a big idea. That, in itself, is nothing new. Mike has big ideas all the time and, largely, puts every other blogger, that has ever existed, now and before, to shame.

I really must learn to punctuate, the previous sentences contains too many commas and that can’t be good for you…

The big idea, in aid of Comic Relief, is detailed on mike’s site:

What I’m proposing is to assemble and publish – in the space of just seven days – a paperback anthology of blog writing, that can be sold to raise funds for the charity.

The book will be called Shaggy Blog Stories: a collection of amusing tales from the UK blogosphere.


So, if you is a person wot blogs, and you have writed a funny post, no matter how long ago, then let mike know.

All the details are on his site, and uptake looks good so far, but it could be better!!

Me? I don’t do funny that often, so I’m hoping a suggested practical joke will suffice…

Anyway, don’t just sit there. Head over to Troubled Diva and see what all the fuss is about.


  1. Been and done. It all looks very exciting although hopes fade for my inclusion as the submissions pour in.

    ‘Lo again, Gord. It’s been a while! Hope all is well but from what I’ve read so far it is. 🙂

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