Blogs are rubbish

I do not watch Coronation Street.
I do not knit.
I do not collect stamps.
I do not spot trains.
I do not attend football matches.
I do not spend afternoons shopping.
I do not go to the opera.
I do not do crosswords.

All of those things, and many many more, baffle me. Why do you do it? What is the compulsion, what drives you to repeat the activity time and time again? It’s kind of odd, isn’t it? Yes I realise we all must have our little hobbies, our “down time” during which we can indulge and relax. But surely your time would be better spent doing something else?

Me? I blog.

This post is in direct response to a recently overheard comment about blogs which suggested they should follow a “write once, read never” methodology.


  1. Hey, lay off the golf. At least it’s out in the fresh air. And it’s exercise. And you get to wear a lot of tartan.

  2. Neil, you could do all that by just walking…

    Can’t remember who it was who said “Golf was a good walk ruined”, but I stick firmly with that opinion.

    Then again, Crossbow Golf is fun. Set up targets at all the holes, then fire from the tee. We did that when the Oxfordshire Golf Course opened up. (OK, technically just before the course opened up, but you get the idea. 🙂 )

  3. I watch Coronation Street, love shopping AND blog. I’m not sure what that says about me….

  4. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, snap, and snap again.

    You were referring to cryptic crosswords, yes?

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