And then… silence

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Stuck. Typing words, empty sentences. Repeat. Stuck. Typing words, empty sentences. Looming large in my view, static, unmoving. Quietly threatening, taunting. It will not move. Smash it down. Nothing reaches. Sneak around it. It has no end. Coax it gently. The empty space booms back. Typing and typing. Writing and writing. Delete. Repeat. Typing, typing,…


ipod personalises everything

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Why the iPod personalises everything “when you are listening to your music, and only your music, all the time—isn’t something lost? A common cultural reference point? Something to talk about with your friends?”

emergency signs

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What to do in an emergency. Do not attempt to read this whilst drinking hot coffee (or any other liquid for that matter).

A bicycle built for two

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The past few weeks have been one of learning. Obviously this is largely due to starting a new job, which entails learning all about the culture of the office, the processes, the working practises, as well as the software which we create and the marketplace we operate within. It also includes learning basic things, the…


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Tip of the day: Windows users, to use the keyboard to navigate between open documents within an application, use CTRL+Tab. Functions the same way the Alt+Tab combination does. Why am I only learning this now?!

Nike+ Challenge

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Calling all joggers! I’ve had the Nike+ system for a while now, and I have to admit that it’s become a key part of my jogging. Being able to track how far I’ve run, and the average pace I run at has been a huge help. Sure the site is a bit big and clunky…

Google Mail question

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Early this year I started using Google Mail to monitor my three busiest email addresses. It’s a system that has been working well, allowing me to respond to emails during the day if required. Essentially I’m using Google Mail as a temporary “email checker”. This system has a downside though. I’ve got Google Mail set…


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Anyone else using LinkedIn? I’ve spoken briefly of my plans for this year, and without going into huge detail it’s fair to say that the underlying ethos is one of “increasing my professionality”. Yes, it’s a clunky term and yes it would be easy to get slightly “corporate” and “up my own arse” about this,…


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Bought a red nose yet? If so, how awesomely cool is the chocopix! Almost awesomely cool enough to stop me from eating it. Almost.

yahoo pipes

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You’d think I planned this stuff. No sooner have I asked about RSS feeds than I hear about Yahoo Pipes which “is a hosted service that lets you remix feeds and create new data mashups in a visual programming environment”. And yes, the site is down at the moment, it’s THAT popular.

Wiggle and the lost Lock Lace

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It’s nice to be nice, ain’t it. So allow me to pass on a tale of good customer service. A tale to inspire, to encourage, to coax, but above all a tale to warm our consumer hearts and restore our faith in humanity. OK, maybe it’s not that good a tale. But it is a…

Feeds? My aRSSe

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Ohh yes, hitting top form with the witty post titles now! Two posts today, both of which may hold limited appeal. First up, a few questions about my RSS site feeds, and later a nice tale about good customer service. If you don’t use the RSS feeds, then I’d ignore this post.

amen break

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YouTube video on the history of the Amen break (via) (via Hg) “Beginning … as a 6-second instrumental bridge in the middle of a B-side of an obscure Sixties soul record by The Winstons, and charting its evolution into an endlessly repeated/reworked/ simulated/sampled/dissected building block of modern musical culture.”