My Mobile Life

Because she asked so nicely and because I, um, hadn’t realised she was blogging again… (how am I supposed to keep up if people don’t tell me when they are back?), and because he’s already done it, here is a fascinating list of all all the mobile phones I have owned:

  • Nokia 2110 – my first mobile phone. A brick with hardly any functions, and was only bought because my mates also had them.
  • Nokia nk502 – based on the 8110 – AKA the “banana phone”. This is NOT the phone they used in the matrix (it has no spring loaded flipper), and was released a few years before the movie. I got this when we moved down south (August 1997), primarily because I moved down a couple of weeks before Louise and the phone line in the flat wasn’t connected. Truth be told I mainly got it because all my mates still had the Nokia
  • Nokia 6130 – the market was kinda flat at this point. I didn’t fancy a flip phone so got this. It was a phone. It worked. It was wholly unremarkable.
  • Nokia 7110 – whilst not used in the movie this was the REAL Matrix phone. That ohh so achingly cool spring loaded slider, the bigger screen, the navi-roller. Yes this was quite a good phone. My mate had one too but the spring broke on his, meaning I could torment him everytime I answered the phone…
  • Nokia 8210 – from the beast that was the 7110 the tiny 8210 seems impossible, but I was fedup with a bulge in my trousers so opted for something smaller (phnarr phnarr). Too small though, those buttons were impossible to use.
  • Nokia 8310 – another small phone but at least I could use the buttons on this one. AND you could buy new covers for it! Although I did tend to stick with the default blue one as shown in the pic.
  • Nokia 7210 – The first one with a colour screen. At least I think it was. I definitely had a phone between the 8310 and the SPV.. and I THINK it was this one.
  • Orange SPV – large, ugly but completely changed the way I use my phone. Essentially a mini-PDA, and the first phone I had the took a memory card meaning I could, and did, cram in a compressed version of Star Wars with which to WOW my friends. Which was, of course, the main reason I bought it.
  • Orange C500 – the updated version of the SPV, smaller, lighter, better.
  • Orange C600 – another update, more features, but still some irks. Enough annoyances to make me switch to…
  • Samsung D900 – which is gorgeous to look at, very tactile but utterly utterly pants. How they are pitching this as a business users phone is beyond me. I’m stuck with it for now but as soon as my contract is up I’ll be revisiting the Windows Mobile world I think.

Over time my expectations of what I want from a mobile phone have changed, and having been away from the more ‘traditional’ side of the market for some years, my current foray is proving disappointing.

And yes, my NEXT phone may very well be the iPhone, especially as that switch is over a year away by which time they’ll hopefully have all the major bugs sorted out!

Sadly this post has been kinda fun to do but I’m very VERY aware that it’s this kind of thing that gives bloggers a bad name. I mean, really, who wants to read this stuff?


  1. I bloody hate Nokia phones. Always liked Sony Ericsson’s myself, so I reckon we should have a fight to see who’s right! Let’s be havin’ you!!!

    Ps. I have teeny tiny little fingers and yes, even I had trouble with the buttons on the 8210.

  2. It would be a short blog post from me. I had a dull, dull Nokia and now I have a Samsung X640. That’s it.

    I like to play with other people’s mobiles, but I’m never very interested in my own.

  3. Beware with Windows Mobile phones – the XDA I’ve got crashes with depressing regularity, except it doesn’t do it visibly. In short, it crashes and doesn’t let you know it’s crashed – no blue screen of death or anything. It’s incredibly annoying, and leads to lots of missed calls, messages etc.

    It’s a fantastic bit of kit, though – or would be if it weren’t for the crashing.

    However, I think there’s Windows Mobile 6 coming out this year, which might be an improvement. ‘Til then, I’m likely to go back to Sony-Ericsson or similar.

    And I could’ve told you that Samsungs are bobbins – Herself likes them, but they drive me utterly bloody crackers!

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