Not Planned

I’m a planner. I plan. It’s what I do.

But sometimes things happen and plans need to be adjusted.

I received a somewhat alarming email from 34sp, an ISP I use for a couple of sites I run, including this one. Apparently a couple of my sites were hacked recently. I don’t visit the sites in question very often so it wasn’t something I noticed, although as they were both only ‘down’ for a few hours I seriously doubt that anyone else noticed either. Thankfully both sites have now been restored to their previous state.

Of course this mean that I’ll need to change my FTP passwords and review my internet security in general. I very much doubt that my machine has been hacked, and I’m fairly careful when sending emails around but it pays to be vigilant, and a few additional precautions won’t do any harm. Of course I don’t want to go over the top but it’s funny how these things make you more paranoid than usual.

And whilst I’m at it I need to get the miniblog working again. I’ve tried a couple of plugins and neither have worked. Admittedly I think recent changes to WordPress haven’t helped much, but until things settle down on that front I’m just gonna go with some custom code. More hassle for me but at least it should work, and will protect me a little the next time I upgrade WordPress.

These things were not planned.

However I did manage to go out for a run this morning, that WAS planned, and there will be more on that, later.

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Yeah, I got the same email from 34sp.

Don’t suppose your sites were on as well?

It looks like they got hit with a big attack against the FTP passwords.

Ah well…

Sorry, in reference to your other comments, no, it’s not your own PC that’s been compromised, it was an attack against 34sp’s servers themselves, rather than anything else.

My mate got the same thing so it’s not a security lapse at your end.

Cheers guys. I’m still gonna change passwords though!! 😉

Yup, I got the very same email as well. I think they just don’t know which sites were affected so they just sent it to everyone.

Oh, I think they know who got hit – after all, all the index pages got redirected – but I think it was a fairly comprehensive attack, and a lot of bloggers etc. use 34sp…

I got it too. As everyone else says, it was a hole in 34sp’s software, so your password won’t have been compromised.

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