Nike+ Challenge

Calling all joggers!

I’ve had the Nike+ system for a while now, and I have to admit that it’s become a key part of my jogging. Being able to track how far I’ve run, and the average pace I run at has been a huge help. Sure the site is a bit big and clunky but with a nice fat broadband connection it’s fairly slick. Mind you I’m still duplicating my run data over on Fetch, as that lets me track other factors (temperature, shoes used, and any comments).

Whilst the Nike+ ‘community’ could do with a lot of work – they seem to be missing the boat when it comes to the social networking side of things – it does have some features and has really helped to keep me motivated.

But it’s time to move things on, there are only so many goals you can set yourself before you realise what you really need is… competition! I know a couple of you have the Nike+ system so how about a challenge? Let’s see who has the highest mileage after 30 days.


Leave a comment with your Nike+ id (or email address), or contact me separately. Once I’ve got a list or participants I’ll kick off a new challenge sometime next week.

Let the racing begin!


  1. Sounds cool.

    When I
    a) Start jogging again
    b) Get a Nike jobbie

    I’m game on.

    Unlikely for a bout a month or so though.

  2. Well, we’ll see what the uptake is like, I only know of two other people who have the Nike+ doo-dah.. but ya never know.

  3. Nike+? Does it make you run faster?

    Wait a second… perusing the site I need a) an iPod Nano, b) Nike+ capable trainers and c) the Nike+ iPod kit. So that’s going to set me back a fuckload of money and I have to change the brand of shoes I’ve been using for five years.

    Count me out I’m afraid. However, I’m up for the challenge seeing as how I’ve got two half marathons to run in the next month and I haven’t really been doing much (read anything) recently.

  4. I’d love to get involved, Gordon, but as Britain’s fastest Nike + 55+ year old I’d be worried I might show you young flibbertygibbets up.
    (I’m still in the top 10 but there are only 9 55+’s who can work out the software)

  5. Oooooh! Me too! Me too!

    Details sent under separate cover for paranoid anti-spam reasons.

    Dragon – you don’t need to buy Nike trainers. There are home-hack approaches (Velcro, some thread and a strong needle are all that’s required), and Malware make a fine arm-band for the iPod, and a little shoe holder (clips over your laces) for the Nike+ system, which means you can use your existing trainers.

    More here at my post on the matter, with much linkage to companies and so on. I did have to import it from the US, but it turned up in no time, and cost about £25. Highly recommended.


  6. I got the informarion from the Nike+ website so of course they’d say you need the Nike shoes. Still leaves me short one iPod Nano! Would be far more tempted to get a GPS unit and upload my routes to

  7. You can map routes in Nike+ too mate, just need to switch your locale to “US” for the time being whilst the sort it out.

  8. Hi,

    I’m wanting to start with the nike+ stuff but i want to know if you need a pair of nike+ shoes for it to work.

    So If anyone could help me i would be more than happy thanks

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