Anyone else using LinkedIn?

I’ve spoken briefly of my plans for this year, and without going into huge detail it’s fair to say that the underlying ethos is one of “increasing my professionality”. Yes, it’s a clunky term and yes it would be easy to get slightly “corporate” and “up my own arse” about this, but I’m at a point in my life that if I don’t do it now I’ll end up “just working” until I either retire or drop dead.

I don’t fancy the latter option much, and as I’ve always harboured a desire to retire early I guess I’d better get my finger out!

I’ve touched the whole “networking” thing before and whilst I realise LinkedIn is no golden chalice, I do think it could be very useful and hey, you don’t know until you try, right?

So, if you have a LinkedIn profile, look me up and let’s get connected (baby!).


  1. You have one of the few professions that cannot be outsourced, and I would agree that perhaps a Masters or higher qualification that you are more than capable of may bode well for the future, and your eg… er professionalisim 🙂

  2. I would, if I had your e-mail. But I don’t. Feel free to “invite” me, if you want, you’ve got my e-mail now. And my profile is linked from my personal website, if you prefer to check it out first.

  3. I registered a year ago, and then did nothing with it. It’s only recently that I started adding contacts, as I’m about to change jobs and think it will be more “useful” in my next position. It’s hard to say whats more useful, LinkedIn, Plaxo or XING. Probably the 3 combined…

    Feel free to add me as a contact.

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