language and wine

Language, truth … and wine
“Can you describe what “redâ€? is in words? Well, only if you make it like something else that is red. In fact, red is, to use the name of a band that I believe exists, simply red; it has no meaning of its own, in it adheres no fixed truth, it defeats definition.”
Could YOU describe a wine using facts alone?


  1. David said:

    I remember a scene in the movie Mask [starring Cher] where a blind girl is “shown” what red and blue are via the use of a baked potato and an ice cube.

    February 6, 2007
  2. Dragon said:

    Don’t know about wine but as far as describing Red goes (using facts alone), Red is electromagnetic radiation with a frequency of between about 480 – 405 terahertz (a wavelength of about 625-740 nanometres).

    The fact that bemused me about that scene in Mask (which just goes to show what a precocious child I was although I can’t believe I’ve just admitted I watched that film at all) was that a blue flame doesn’t burn cold.

    February 7, 2007

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