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Mark on the recent trend for full screen text editors
“These programs aren’t for serious writers at all. They’re for the writer’s equivalent of script kiddies — people who want to go to Starbucks and pick up chicks with their MacBooks and their iPods and their glowing full-screen text editors.”
Having tried a few of these, I have to agree with him. What IS the point?


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Movie reviews from Metacritic

Having cancelled our UGC/Cineworld monthly passes towards the end of last year, we’ve kind of fallen away from watching movies at all. However we are now getting to the point that the movies coming on TV (via Sky Movies) are ones that we missed at the cinema, starting with this one.

It’s the story of the final flight that was hijacked on September 11, 2001, the flight that didn’t hit the intended target. The passengers decided to fight back, and the plane crashed in a field. No-one survived.

Putting aside certain issues – at what point do movies like this cross the boundary from ‘faction’ into documentary – it’s a hugely engrossing and moving film. Shot in a very documentary like fashion, we see all sides of the story in real-time. The incredulity that quickly turns to a stunned fear on the part of the ‘officials’ involved at the FAA, and in the military, the spreading fear and anger that permeates the aircraft itself, and the determination and nervousness of the terrorists themselves.

Of course the movie is entirely made up of guesswork, most of which comes from the transcripts of calls made by people on the flight to their loved ones back home. However, by keeping the flight and it’s passengers central to the movie, you are never given any let up in the tension, and this leads to a hugely affecting movie. Despite knowing how it ends, I did begin to feel myself drawn in, to begin to hope that the passengers would be able to wrest control of the plane itself. The final moments are shattering.

This movie caused a lot of commotion when it was released, but I suggest it’s a movie that should have been made when it was, and one that should be watched.



The psychology of colour
Are we preconditioned to pick out the six colours on a Rubik’s cube whatever tongue it is taught to think in. Or can you chop the spectrum into categories anywhere along its length and rely on the language an individual learns from his parents to explain where that chopping takes place.


I’m a terrible loser. Awful. No matter how I might try and disguise it, I hate losing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m resigned to the fact that there are people out there who are smarter, faster, stronger, fitter, and lots of other “-ers” than I, and that’s fine. But if I think I should win something, and I don’t? Ohh my, not a pretty sight.

Hissy fit central.

Of course I do use this mentality for my own benefit, particularly since I took up jogging. It’s not always applicable of course, especially as it’s not a competitive jogging group (e.g. it’s not a running club), with the focus very much on the team ethic. But when it comes to the races (OK, I’ve only done one so far) well then I can turn my hatred of losing to my own advantage, taking unadulterated pleasure in running past people. Even if she was 72…

However I am currently failing at a couple of things, and it’s really beginning to bug me.

Failing 1

Funnily enough it’s the running. I’ve been too ill to contemplate going out, and the one jog I did last week set me back about two weeks. I thought I was doing OK, thought the headaches, congestion and hacking cough had calmed to a mild runny nose.

And it had.

Then I went for my first run of the year, and the next night I barely made it in the door and spent the entire evening, motionless, on the sofa. Despite being fully dressed, including added fleece, being ensconsed under a blanket and having a hot water bottle wedged under my jumper I just couldn’t get warm. I was shivering and lethargic and… yeuch. Not nice at all.

So I didn’t go out on Sunday as I had planned. I didn’t go out on Wednesday as I had planned. I won’t be going out this Sunday as I had planned.

And I hate that. I’m falling behind in the schedule, and that, to me, is failing.

Yes there is little I can do about it but that’s not the bloody point!

Failing 2

Click. Whirrrrr.

Or not, as digital cameras don’t make that kind of noise these days (well mine doesn’t since I told it to shut up).

One of my silent resolutions for this year was to take more photos. Now I’m not beating myself up about this one too much as we are only 20 days into the year, but surely a good start would be to take my camera with me more often?

Looking at it, sitting gathering dust on my desk at home, whilst the new lens remains unopened, shames me. It’s not that hard to lift it alongwith the rest of my stuff. Especially now I am taking the car to work, it’s not like I have to lug it about with me, and even then it’s not that heavy…

Yet I continue to ignore it.

Admittedly I don’t really have the time to wander about with a camera during the day, and there isn’t really that much in the area surrounding our office anyway. Admittedly the office building is hugely photogenic, and I will start taking some photos of it, but will need to suss out some of the quieter times in the office.

The commute doesn’t really lend itself to many photo opportunities either so I’m faced with scheduling some “photo days” or something. Naturally these can be coupled with days out, visits and whatnot but, as I continue to experiment, I’ll want to spend more time and care over the act of taking the photos, rather than my current “pause – shoot – walk on” method.

I also need to learn how to hold the camera steady, but that’s a different topic.

So there you go. I’m not perfect. I know it’s a shock to many of you, but I think it’s healthy to have a few faults. Or, in my case, two.

Cos, you know, those aside… I’m perfect me.

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