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Weird, or just wanting?
Louis Theroux is an authority on weirdness. But he says his time off from TV has made him ask whether weird is just in the eye of the beholder – “the strangest behaviours are always answering some very normal human need – for love, for religious meaning, for a place in the world”


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Not long before I left my last place of work we started a Friday Quiz email. The winner has to post the questions for the forthcoming week and as I won last week..

20 questions, a possible 28 points up for grabs and absolutely the best non-prize ever. Answers will be posted on Sunday.

The Questions

Question: Who coined the term ‘Oedipus Complex’?

Question: What is the one word title for when a person is turned on by a womans worn underwear?

Question: The Gimli Glider is what?

Question: How many major airports serve New York City?

Question: Name them. 1 point for each correct answer.

Question: What is a Tiki?

Question: Sn is the symbol for which chemical element? Bonus point for the correct atomic number

Question: The rock band Journey was started by former members of which band?

Question: Who said “I am not a Marxist.”

Question: When was the first version of Trivial Pursuit released?

Question: What is Columbo’s first name?

Question: Brazil won the world cup in 1962. Who did they beat in the final? Where was it hosted? (point for each

Question: Which football team plays at Boleyn Ground?

Question: “I had been making the rounds of the Sacrifice Poles the day we heard my brother had escaped. I already knew something was going to happen; the Factory told me.” The opening lines of which novel? Bonus point for the author.

Question: Musically, Ritardando means what?

Question: What is a “Hayward”?

Question: The Nile is the longest, the Amazon comes second, but what’s the third longest river in the world?

Question: What is the collective noun for a group of Woodpeckers

Question: Allen Stewart Konigsberg is better known as who?

Question: Goddess of the moon – Greek or Roman accepted (bonus for both!)


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I’m considering moving this blog. Not far, just into it’s own sub-directory to leave the URL as a ‘homepage’ for other uses. I’m sure with some re-directs I can make it fairly painless, but I’d welcome any suggestions or useful pointers?


As mike says (and from where the bulk of this post has been lifted) Post of the Week is ready, and open, and waiting for YOU.THE MISSION.

  • To highlight great writing on personal blogs.
  • To draw attention to blogs that you might not have heard of before.
  • To point you to one absolute guaranteed humdinger of a blog post, once a week, every week.

Finally, and almost a year after the idea was first mooted, Post of the Week is ready for public display. I bet you never thought you’d live to see the day, did you?

Absolutely everyone everywhere is heartily recommended to do any or all of the following:

  • Nominate cracking good blog posts for inclusion, via the comments box in the “Call for nominations” section.
  • Volunteer their services as a guest judge, for one weekend only.
  • Publicise the site on their own blogs. Pimp it, kids. Pimp it HARD.

For those of you who don’t know, I (with my one man hat on) had the privilege of designing the site, and I HAVE to say a huge thanks to the ever helpful and hugely generous Lyle, without whom the site simply wouldn’t work. What that man can do with PHP boggles the mind. Cheers mate.

And many congratulations to The Overnight Editor for writing this week’s inaugural featured post.

So, what are you waiting for, get over there and get involved!

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I’m having some issues with comments being moderated. I’ve got WordPress set to allow immediate publishing of comments for people who fill in their name and email, and who have had a comment previously approved. The latter option doesn’t seem to be working though, hence the delay in some of your comments appearing on the screen. I’ll get it fixed ASAP.


As I’ve mentioned before, I enjoy change. I think most people do, as the dull and predictable, staid and static life soons becomes a ditch-water dull drag.

On the other hand, there is something to be said for routine. The familiar lends itself to easy comfort.

At the moment I’m trying to balance the two, change and routine, routine and change. My work routine of the past few years has changed and, as that has the largest bearing on my time, the rest of my daily/weekly routine is changing too. But that’s fine, it was expected. Anticipated change is a good thing.

The main stuff is first, when to leave the house in the morning, when best to leave the office at night, that kind of thing. Of course it has to be fitted into the ‘home’ routine; Monday and Tuesday nights Louise is out early, I’m out on Wednesday evenings. After that come the secondary activities, running and design work for me, then the daily tasks and finally the downtime for watching TV, reading books and so on.

Naturally that routine is up for change, but by and large it can be consider constant, within acceptable boundaries…

Of course what this doesn’t really factor in is those curveballs life enjoys pitching at you. That unexpected expenditure, the unplanned DIY (think broken fence post), and other less pleasant life events.

And that’s when stress becomes a factor. The unexpected change to routine hits hard and you start to fight back, desperate to keep your routine, to keep things normal, to stay in control as much as is possible.

But if you take a different viewpoint then, well, it’s just more change to deal with so I guess I need to clarify my position. I enjoy EXPECTED change.

Now, if you’ve read this far you are probably hoping I have some sort of point. Naturally I don’t. I’ll leave that up to you lot.

Which do you prefer? Change or routine? And are the two mutually exclusive?

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