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  1. Note: I’m not condoning the price increases but as Arena Flowers states, it’s largely because the ‘manufacturers’ (farmers!) put their prices up.

    Visit most online florists and whilst you can CHOOSE any bunch of flowers, most will just tell you you can’t have them delivered on the 14th.

  2. Or you could just *not* get flowers and get something else? And then got flowers in a couple of weeks time when they’re cheaper and more of a surprise? Or even today, before the increase kicks in?

  3. Dearest anna, you are sweet.

    And you quite obviously have not met my wife!

    Put it this way, a LARGE hint was dropped about flowers and St. Valentine’s Day.

    e.g. “You’d better buy me flowers this year you tight-fisted bastard…” or a glare to that effect..

    (I actually followed your suggestion LAST year, which worked then, but not two years in a row!)

  4. Arena Flowers was started by one of the guys who interviewed me for my job at eBay. Great guy, who’s really smart but also understands doing things right and customers.

    (I’m going to forward on this link to him)

  5. You’re going to tell HIM, Ade?

    With such a glowing recommendation, I assumed he’d already know – having paid Gordon for the ad…


  6. har de har

    And no, I’ve no idea why these little posts are sometimes appearing in the main column!

  7. I just assumed it had been promoted to an A-list post for having so many comments…

  8. I wish it were that smart anna. It’s the plugin I’m using but not been able to figure out why, yet!

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