Too.. many.. posts..

Anyone else get this?

Over the past couple of weeks I struggled to find inspiration for posts, I kinda clawed at a few things just to fill the space but I was aware it was an effort. Didn’t bother all that much, I’d just started a new job and my brain was busy processing a gazillion other things, but it still annoyed me.

This week though, bloody hell, I can’t STOP coming up with post ideas. So, and with the caveat that this may, or may not, be expanded at a later date (ohh who am I kidding, I’ll chuck them in this post and forget about them), here are some of those potential blog post topics in brief:

News item 1
Prisoners should have the right to vote.
My thought: They lost that right when they broke the law!

Driving thought 1
Just what IS the percentage of guys that pick their nose whilst sitting at traffic lights?

Bloggies 2007
Naked Blog for lifetime achievement, but.. dammit.. beautiful revolution or unreliable witness. I’m torn!

Good to see Pandemian in there too, well deserved. Blog of the year for me is Lifehacker (from the choices).

Although the entire thing is getting a little samey in some categories. Surely Heather and Zoe should retire from the competition to give the other poor buggers a chance!

And yes, once again I wasn’t shortlisted for “best kept secret”. Tell you what, next year I don’t WANT to be nominated. Reverse what? Sorry, no idea what you are talking about.

WordPress 2.1
Is worth an upgrade SOLELY for the auto-save feature. Never lose a blog post again! Start writing, accidentally close your browser after three paragraphs… and your post is still there! GENIUS!

This site
Or more accurately, a new site that I’m toying with starting. That’s what triggered the minipost query about shuffling the blog to a subdirectory. Or possibly a sub-domain of… still to be decided.

Driving thought 2
When you are on a dual-carriageway, and you want to overtake the car in front, pulling out into the outside lane is fine. But is there any chance that you could check the road behind you first? I don’t mean for the car that is already in the outside lane (that’s a given to be honest) but could you also check what’s BEHIND that car.

‘Cos if there is nothing behind him for, say, a mile or so, then pausing for a split second to let him past BEFORE swerving out into his path might just stop him almost ending up in your boot and calling you a “WANKFUCK” at the top of his voice.

And for the record I was doing about 74mph at the time, and he didn’t fucking indicate.

Mine that is. I’m toying with doing an MA in Technical Communications. I don’t actually have any formal qualifications for my profession you see. This won’t be until September, as I’m hoping my company will pay for it (or part of it) and asking them to do that in February when I’ve only been there a month is a bit cheeky (mainly because I also want them to send me to a couple of conferences first). Still just an idea, and I’m holding off committing to it too much as I’m aware I’m still in the ‘enthused zone’ as I’ve just changed jobs.

News item 2
Well not one item as such but a variety. From the catholic adoption agencies, to the football (soccer) team in the USA, it’s so disheartening to see such horrible horrible prejudices still alive and well. Is this really the world we live in?

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Long time blogger, Father of Jack, geek of many things, random photographer and writer of nonsense.

Doing my best to find a balance.

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Tyk Gordon. You’re already in today’s post on my fabulous, world-famous blog. (That brill interview you gave me from 2005). Can’t fully agree with people retiring, even though I’m up against Mrs Armstrong myself in Lifetime. Again. (It’s an unwinnable category, so wtf.)

Omg, where to start. Erm, well, The Bloggies, I can’t get tooenthused myself, but goodo for Jack, Andre and UW. They done good.

Re blog design: having the blog as a sub directory of the main blog = a good idea.

Prisoners can get bent, therefore I agree with you.

And horrible people in the world = far too many of the bastards.

Plus, couldn’t you have done a seperate post for each of these subjects? Or save them up for days when you can’t think of anything to blog about. Tis just a thought.

I think January saps the inspiration out of people. My blog’s tired and rubbish at the moment, just like its author. As soon as this horrible month ends, I’ll be back on track, and just hold me back when the clocks go forward!

Peter, I am seriously considering suggesting that Bloggies become a “one time win” only type thing. As they are supposed to be about promoting blogs, why is it always the same few who are shortlisted? Yes they are all good blogs but there are others!

Timbo, I COULD have but none of them really grabbed me enough to warrant more than a few paragraphs. As I said, I may expand on some of them further in the future.

Cat, it’s a fairly common thing, but my new job has doubled the impact for me this year!

A one-time win would format would be a very good idea, Gordon. A very good idea. Not that I should even dare criticise an awards event that I’m up for this year (particularly when, as others have noted, I have been critical of them in the past), but it seems to me that the biggies like Weblog Of The Year and Lifetime Achievement, amongst other categories, are almost identical to last year.

And, needless to say, whoever you vote for, thanks for your kind words and support.

Totally agree on the ‘one time win’ thing.

And I also think, and this is me just being a moody British fucker, that all the non-geographic categories (eg. Best Weblog) should still represent (at least one of) a non-U.S.A continent, to remove the heavy (or solely) U.S.A bias.

Bitter? Me? Nope.

Have to disagree with one time win. This would be using a rule to defeat the common wish. When MBIAT wins 2005 andd 2006, I assume that’s because the people think it’s the best in 2005 and 2006. I can’t offhand think of any other awards where you’re perpetually disqualified after winning. (And Lifetime is a one-win race anyway.)

This is the first year I’ve noted a slight air of upleasantness doing the rounds. Maybe it’s just me, in the unusual and unexpected position I find myself. But is Mrs Armstrong (Dooce) wearing any hair shirts? Is zoe boyfriend? I seriously doubt it.

As mike himself said, the Bloggie Awards seem to be in very capable hands. They are the summit of our craft, and we should observe some respect.

I make no apology whatsoever for being nominated in two successive years. None. Thank you to all who did that.

Ohh OK I WILL post about the Bloggies.


Well I know who I’m voting for.

and thank you for the ‘kind’ word Gordon.

i’m split between a one-time win and what peter says. i also think that you have over-looked several other blogs if you think that dooce and i should retire from the competition … but it’s only a competition; it’s not as if you are going to win anything (unless in the last four categories).

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