Mark on the recent trend for full screen text editors
“These programs aren’t for serious writers at all. They’re for the writer’s equivalent of script kiddies — people who want to go to Starbucks and pick up chicks with their MacBooks and their iPods and their glowing full-screen text editors.”
Having tried a few of these, I have to agree with him. What IS the point?

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i will be one of the few who disagree, i use Ulysses for my book writin’ and the full screen mode is fab for when i want to get a good look at my text without the distraction of emails and toolbars etc etc. It’s the next best thing to reading a hard copy, especially with a nice wide screen laptop 🙂

(PS I loooove how your site looks, it is sooo clean and bright, it is a pleasure to type in this here comments box!)

Couldn’t understand a word. What’s a text editor? If it’s a word processor why doesn’t he just say so? The comments were hilarious too.

Oh – unless you cut your teeth on Locoscript and Tasword then you don’t know you’re born.

(The funniest thing was the amount of a graves, eurosigns and squares littering the comments.) You’d think if he and his commenters are that clever they’d be able to do proper pronunciation. I saw better than that in 86.

So I think Mark has a fair point over the fact creating a new text editor is probably trying to get into a saturated market, and most good text editors probably have (or will have) a full screen mode.

Actually I see a lot of applications to have a full screen mode as a new trend over the next few years.

However I think his point about starbucks and chicks is just arse. Really who cares, how other people like to use their machines, and it’s just inane as talking about people who like to use VI as trying to be geek snobs. Move on and stop having a go at people who like to do things in a particular way (Mark that is, not you)

I quite like full screen mode, when I am deep inside an application. Allows me to focus. On the other hand sometimes I want a zillion things visible so I can multi-task. Bee handy if every program had a full screen toggle.

If you are a Windows user you can make ANY app fullscreen quite easily.

See here for details.

Hmm. That’s not quite the same fullscreen as it doesn’t get rid of the menu bars and stuff and their still often is superfluous shit I think one could remove from the screen. Plus I think it only works in MS apps and not all windows apps.

But I do take your point.

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