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  1. From the description, it sounds like the device I’ve been waiting for. Now, for the UK price $599=£500 I wouldn’t doubt, despite the strong pound to dollar conversion. Still, it IS nice.

  2. A 4Gb model will be available for $499 (£257) and an 8Gb model for $599 (£309). The iPhone will be available in the US from June, in Europe by the end of the year, and in Asia in 2008.

    Seems I was a wee bit quick off the mark. Now I’m really interested. Waiting ’til August means we’ll get a chance to see how it shakes out in the US first.

  3. Yeah, the pocket industry. While it is really slim (11mm deep) it is still huge. You’ll struggle to get that into most mobile phone pockets…

  4. Oh god I want one. Perhaps even more than a girlfriend.

    Ok maybe not that much. But almost.

  5. I wonder how limiting this will be though.. although limiting is probably the wrong phrase. A fully “Apple” experience.

    PC, iTV, iPhone. You don’t need any other gadgets! (well, until the NEXT one comes along).

    Mind you, I think Apple Inc. will find competition in this arena a little stiffer than they have before. Sure they have a fully touchscreen phone but is what they are offering THAT radically different?

    The iPod DID revolutionise the MP3 player market, I’m not so sure the iPhone will do the same… yet.

    Let’s see what happens in 2009 once the early adopters have given it a thorough bashing and the next model is out.. THEN we’ll see if the iPhone is going to be a ‘dominant’ player in the market.

  6. Here’s an interesting dissenting view from Tom Reynolds:


    Nevertheless, I still WANT WANT WANT ONE…

  7. Yes, I very much want one of those.

  8. I could foresee myself suffering from acute lower back pain if I was to carry that around in my pocket.

    I think I’ll be waiting for the much smaller, cheaper and better 2nd generation version, with 3G support, a better camera and twice as much storage.

    Still, it looks pretty.

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