1. I’ve never quite managed to manage a to do list.

    I’m absolutely hopeless at these things. My best shot is “winging it”

  2. I normally hand-write a to-do list, and I ended up getting a whole bundle of to-do list bits for my Filofax. (I know, very 80s. Hey Ho)

    Personally I hate Outlook’s tasks list – If I’ve got a whole bundle of to-dos, I normally end up with multiple lists (or at least a grouped list) and my experience of Outlook’s version would say that this isn’t possible in any feasible fashion.

    I did write my own on-line tool to handle to-do lists as well, although I don’t use it as much as I should. Hmm, might have to redevelop it a bit, and figure some stuff out. It’d certainly be cool, and useful…

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