A new beginning

New location, new faces, new processes, new ‘stuff’. Everything is new today. All change.

I enjoy change, it’s good for the soul, if a little tiring at times. This is probably the biggest change in my life in the past several years and it feels good. It feels positive, it feels right. I’ve had chances to make this change in the past, luckily I’ve been in the position of still having the choice, still having the ability to decide for myself. I know, in that respect, I am lucky.

The previous chances have been good opportunities but, somewhere, something didn’t feel right. It’s hard to explain, but is the same as the last time I changed jobs. Back then I had two job offers, one in Edinburgh, one in Hamilton. The Edinburgh job was with a (now) well known firm, the Hamilton company was smaller, unheard of largely but felt right. It was less money, less certainty, and we had hoped to move to the East of Scotland (we both grew up in the West) but, for some reason, Hamilton was the ‘right’ choice. Hard to explain really (although, yes, the attractive buxom receptionist did make an impression… ).

Of course I have no crystal ball, and there is no such thing as a sure bet, I’ll wager that the next few months will be good ones. Positive ones. I’ll be learning new things, getting to know new people, and that’s always good.

On the flip side I do need to guard against my expectations. As well as a new job, I will be continuing to run further, get healthier, and in my mind the year stretches ahead into a shimmering light. In my head, 2007 is the year when it finally all comes together.

I think it might be, but, ya know, sometimes a healthy dose of pessimism helps.

Fingers crossed though.


  1. The world is full of grumpy old men and women. It’s refreshing to see someone who is upheat and optomistic. Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Good luck with the new job Gordon. I’m sure you’ll be very happy there.

    I find that a good working environment and good colleagues are much more important than lots of money (as long as you get enough to be comfortable of course).

  3. What a great post. It just made me smile which is a big achievement on my first day back at work this year. Well done.

  4. A shimmering light, eh?
    Have you been on the wacky-baccy or something? 😉

    Sounds good – hope 2007 lives up to your expectations.

  5. All the best of luck in the new job (I was beaming all over my “dammit, what a small world” face yesterday when you popped up on an unrelated mailing list).

    Love the new look. Minimalist yet warm. I’ve been toying with a new design but swinging wildly between lots of white space and lots of colour. And pictures. And links. And trying decide what to include. So I go off to make a new list and that’s another month of indecision…

    Anyway, the only thing I would change is the pale grey of the comment input text – it’s quite hard to read, as is the lovely burnt orange (#daa520).

    Then again, I didn’t get much sleep last night and my eyes are knackered so don’t put too much store in any of this 🙂

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