Questions Answered #13

In a desperate effort to gain some weird form of validation, I stole an idea for a blog post and begged my readers to ask me a question. And they did. The buggers. Now I have to answer them.

My mate Keith sneaks in with a second question, “Daddy or Chips?” and because I specifically said ONE QUESTION each I refuse to answer it. Now if someone would just pass the vinegar…

Ohh alright then.

Daddy or Chips?
What this really comes down to is my love of potato-based products versus the love I have for my father.

So let’s break this down a little, one the one hand you have my Dad. He’s been my Dad for as long as I can remember and, yeah, he’s a pretty damn good Dad. He’s better than yours…

On the other hand, I LOVE potatoes. I mean I really REALLY LOVE potatoes. Apparently, this is due to the Irish in me, and whether that’s a direct influence or not I have to confess that sometimes, not often, I have a big plate potatoes for dinner. Take one large plate, one large pot of gloriously firm, waxy potatoes boiled to perfection (soft but solid), a large pat of butter and some salt (ohh shush, it’s not right if there isn’t any butter or salt!) and a large ice-cold glass of milk. Delish!

Double trouble if I get MacKie’s ice cream for dessert.

Of course that’s just one way to cook a potato, they are equally delicious roasted, fried, oven-baked, mashed, grilled, sauted, or stewed. And that’s before we get started on all the potato-based food items: chips, fries, crisps, rosti, croquettes, hash browns, to name but a few.

Yes, it’s fair to say I like potatoes no matter what form they come in, no matter what shape or size, and whether they are served as an accompaniment or as the main course all by themselves. I love potatoes. LOVE ‘EM.

But do I love them more than I love my Dad? Don’t be so bloody stupid.

In saying that, I AM looking forward to February 12th 2007

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