Slip slidin' away

Blimey, where HAS this year gone? More specifically, what the hell happened to December? And more specifically still, why am I so busy over the next couple of weeks considering I finish work tomorrow!

A brief pause then whilst I consider what I need to get done… and what I should’ve done already.

First up the obvious stuff, Xmas wise, cards have been posted, presents are all bought and wrapped, cupboards are reasonably stocked with alcohol (to take to places and drink), biscuits and ‘stuff’ to have when people come to visit, and the Sky+ is programmed with.. well not much. It’s usually all dross at this time of year and I’d happily spend most of the coming weeks with the TV OFF. Or at the very least, watching nothing but old movies. And yes, It’s a Wonderful Life still makes me cry..

Once we get the festivities of the season out of the way I’ve got an old site to finish off, a new site to start, and this place is due for a spruce up as well. I’ve still got some questions to answer but they’re written up and ready to post and will be done by the end of the year, I promise. And, of course, there will be books and gadgets and stuff to play with as well.

Ohh and I’m trying to keep the running going too, with rumours of an early evening run on Christmas Eve and quite probably a few extra ones jammed into my days off. I doubt I’ll get much chance during the first couple of weeks in January though, but we’ll see how it goes.

Did you know that George (Asda clothing department) is selling suits for £50? I’m sorely tempted as my current suit, which wasn’t a cheap one, is now kinda hanging off me. A stop gap suit to get me through the next couple of months is all I need, and as it’ll not get more than a couple of outings I’m loathed to spend too much. I’d better get my finger out though, I need it for tomorrow night… more on that tomorrow.

I’m still considering posting my “Best of 2006” lists but, frankly, I’m not sure I can be bothered. We’ll see, it might end up being a “highlights of 2006” list instead… or it might not happen at all.

Right, stuff to do, people to see, etc etc.

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