Sponsor update

Well I’ve just about got all my sponsor money in, a few stragglers to catch up with (if you are one, don’t worry, still plenty of time!), but it looks like between us, we’ll hit almost £400!

Originally I said we were raising funds for the Parkinson’s Appeal, which furthers research into finding a cure for this horrible, debilitating disease. Well, that close friend of my parents (my ‘Uncle’ Dave) left a comment which contained some great news!

I have suggested that you make the donation to the Parkinson’s Support Group which meets at the Southern General…. And great news! We are very hopeful that the Halifax Bank of Scotland will match your donation. ~ Dave & Issy

Ohh I should mention that ‘Aunt’ Issy used to work for said bank, I don’t think the offer is open to anyone.

So there, what better incentive do you need to cough up some spare change for a worthy cause! (do you feel guilty yet? DO YOU???).

Hmmm, I think there is a future blog post in this…