Dear Bloggers

For the most part, us “people who blog” are a friendly bunch and get on pretty well, don’t we? We are polite, even when we disagree, enjoy leaving comments for others (even just to say “well said!” as that’s just as important as any other kind of comment) and occasionally some of us swap emails and do each other favours. Yes, we are “good sorts” by and large (apart from HIM, ohh, and HER… but we won’t talk about THEM).

Of course we are only human and this hobby is so transitory that you occasionally lose touch with people (blogs) that you used to read regularly. Sometimes it’s a deliberate decision, other times it’s a sneaking change that you don’t notice until it’s pointed out to you. I’m guilty of this, as you no doubt are, but we all have our own habits and preferences and, as with most things, interests change. Over the years my reading habits have veered here and there, and still remain fairly eclectic. I enjoy many types of writing, many forms of reading, and for that I thank each and everyone one of you lovely bloggers whom I’ve had the privilege of reading.

And to those who I used to read and no longer visit, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault, it’s just the way things are, tastes change.

Part of my thinking behind the comments discussion last week was driven by the fact that, often, I won’t know that someone has linked to me unless they leave a comment. I guess I’m similar to most in that I will always visit the website of someone who is ‘new’ to my site (even if they’ve been reading for a while). The added exposure, generated by leaving a comment, is usually enough to tip me in your direction for a week or so. Sometimes my visits will continue, sometimes they won’t, but regardless I’m usually pretty chuffed to find a new site that is linking to mine even if I still don’t really understand why people link here, there are plenty better blogs around (a lot of them linked down on the left!).

But you know what would REALLY make a difference, to me at least? What would/may tip me in your direction more often?

Spell my bloody name right!!

It is NOT GORDON MCCLEAN (one “c” only!), nor Gordon MacLean (no “a”!). It’s pronounced “mck lane” if that helps.


It’s really not that hard you know.

And for those who still have me as ‘snowgoon’ you are forgiven for a while but come on, I’ve not used that name here for a couple of years at least. Get with the program!

Yours somewhat in jest (but you know what they say about ‘never a truer word said’)

Colin McClain