Can't stop

Glad you all liked that joke, Louise was most pleased as she told it to me in the first place. My Mum is likely to be disappointed as it’s not a dirty joke (my mother’s specialty) but as she’s up to her ears in an IKEA delivery fiasco at the moment, she’s not had time to visit and correct my grammar.


I’ve been fighting an FTP server, completing a survey about blogging, running in torrential rain (ace!), getting quotes for a new front door as we are sick and tired of having to mop up the leaks, and possibly, maybe, buying a 40″ LCD TV (can get about £200 off it).

AND searching for a DVD Recorder that doubles up as a home cinema (surround sound wotsit) system, to try and reduce the number of boxes and cables that will sit under the new TV.

AND fighting with a loan company to get them to give me back the payment they shouldn’t have taken, causing me to go into overdraft, WHICH reminds me to look into how to reclaim unfair bank charges which in turn will have to wait until I get an outcome from my recent complaint. Depending how that turns out I might try this anyway, so even if they tell me to bugger off I can just change accounts (like wot I’m gonna do anyhoo!).

AND some other stuff for that other thing I’ve not mentioned yet.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got stuff to put in the loft and kitchen blinds to hang (this evening), and that’s before we start the ominous “Christmas List”. Thankfully Louise has a few pressies bought already, and the voucher scheme she was in didn’t go tits up! Next year we’ll just put it in a 30 day notice savings account.

Ohh and finally (yes, I’ve updated this post as more things have happened today!) has anyone used LOVEFiLM? I’ve signed up for the trial period (in the hope of winning, um, a 40″ LCD TV…) and depending on how it goes I might stick with it for a month or so? I have until the 21st to cancel my account with them…