The wind blows

Blimey, what a night. The lamppost outside is rattling back and forth, leaves are whipping round the garden and all manner of weird banging, clanging noises are making me wonder what state things will be in come morning.

Visited friends last night, and managed not to drink TOO much (I managed to win a couple of games of pool later on so can’t have been that bad) as I was out for a run this morning. Even then it was still a struggle, I’m just not a morning person I guess.

Spent rest of day working on three different websites, fixing stuff mainly, with a little thinking about a new site that I can’t talk about, yet. Hopefully that’s me all caught up and I can try and have a few early nights this coming week.

Aside from that there isn’t really that much going on and on top of that I seem to have misplaced my blogging bug whilst away in Spain, so it’s just as well I’ve still got a raft of questions to answer…

Actually that’s not true, our nephew recently joined the Merchant Navy and is going away to sea for three months. We are having a party for him next week as he’ll miss both Christmas and his birthday so it’s all a bit hectic – he only found out his leaving date late last week – with a buffet to prepare (tips and advice welcomed, it’s a cold buffet to make it as simple as possible).

Ohh and there is one more bit of news that I should really mention, but I’m saving that for later.

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