Despite being a little lacking in the “atmosphere” you get from a busy pub, the blogmeet went well. Thanks to everyone for coming along and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Double bonus with the football score!

As ever the time fairly zipped along and before you know it the streetlights are on and it’s dark outside. Never fails to amaze me that, the loss of four or five hours in the blink of an eye, maybe it was the Budvar… hmmm… A couple of new faces at this one, so thanks to Patrick and Peggy for coming along, and of course there are now a few “familiars”. Mind you one person had the affrontery to slope off halfway through the afternoon!!

I’ll let him off as he was heading to Hampden to watch Scotland beat France! Did I mention that already? You do know that means we are now the best team in the world (a conclusion we arrived it when Neil returned from the game, although I’ll spare you the logic… ). Ummm, enough of the football.

Amongst some SHOCKINGLY bad pool playing (don’t worry, Will and Richard L, I won’t tell anyone who it was) the conversation veered across the usual bizarre myriad of topics, Pitney, adverts on blogs, the obligatory camera porn discussions, recipes, reading habits, travel wishes and on and on and on. What a fascinating bunch of people us bloggers are!

Photos have already begun to appear, and a quick “thanks again” to the following people because, let’s face it, if no-one had turned up it’d just have been me, sitting on my own, reading the paper:

There was even a brief guest appearance by my wife, I hope everyone felt suitably honoured! πŸ˜‰

Next one will be in Edinburgh, sometime in the Spring.

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