I wonder…

Does anyone come here expecting witty insights? Does anyone visit and cross their fingers that they will be dazzled by the lucidity and quality of my writing? Or do you lot just come here from habit?

Ach, I’m just glad you visit at all.

However, and this is in no way stealing an idea (perish the thought), I thought I’d try stimulating a little “community spirit”.

So, in the comments box, please suggest a title for tomorrow’s post. I will then select the title which appeals to me most, and will endeavour to construct some relevant words to match it.

One title per person only, please. Look, I know how over-excited some of you can get. So don’t go rushing into anything, OK?

The deadline for suggestions is Sunday at 17:00 (UK time).

HANDY HINT: To save any wasted effort on your part, here are some examples of what not to suggest.

  • “Are those curtains machine-washable?” – my most embarrassing sexual experience.
  • “Shit for brains!” – the 10 most useless prats that I have ever worked with.
  • “Automatics or gearboxes?” – a comparative study.
  • “Man of the match!” – my greatest sporting achievement.
  • “How did you get that texture into your dumplings?” – my most memorable culinary triumph.

Got the idea? OK, pitch!

Ohh yes, and I may use a few of your ideas. Artistic license and all that.

(ohh I’m sure mike won’t mind, will ya mike? mike? MIKE??)

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