The Bothy

Dinner last night, and the giving of gift (should have been gifts but still waiting on second part to arrive). We had a table booked at The Bothy and as it is part of the G1 Group we were assured of a good experience.

Located in Ruthven Lane, just off Byers Road, it’s a nicely outfitted, quiet restaurant, and doesn’t thrust the inevitable Scottishness in your face. Given the name, the menu is largely focussed on Scottish ingredients and yes, waiters and waitresses were outfitted in tartan. But don’t let that put you off.

This is not a ‘Scotfest’ experience, but a hat tip to the history and location of the restaurant.

Food-wise there are some neat takes on more traditional meals to be found, and everything that arrived at the table was nicely presented. I would probably put this restaurant in the ‘dependable’ category as I doubt you’d have a bad meal here, but equally nothing really leaped out either from the menu or from the choices made.

Still, it wasn’t about the restaurant and we had a good time in great company &emdash; which was the most important thing!