Dead Man's Chest

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It’s hard to be critical of a movie like this, a movie which is hugely tongue-in-cheek and which is the middle of a trilogy. As it happens this isn’t a bad movie, but I think it suffers from having to both live up to the mark set by the first movie whilst balancing the storyline to allow for the third movie to happen.

But, as I say, it’s hard to be critical. If anything it’s slightly too long, some scenes could’ve been cut as they didn’t really add much, and feels just a little too contrived at times… but then along comes Johnny Depp, or Bill Nighy (or Stellan SkarsgÃ¥rd who I recognised immediately somehow…) or even.. wait for it.. Keira Knightley! Yes, I thought she was quite good in her slightly expanded role, not to mention bloody sexy at certain points.

It’s worthwhile remembering that this is a Disney movie, so you are as well to sit back, enjoy the ride and not look too closely at the papier mâché mountain.