Friday evening. Beer, pizza and the opening game of the World Cup.

Saturday morning, a quick trip into Hamilton in the morning then off to Ashton Lane in the afternoon. Of the two beer gardens we chose the wrong one, completely and utterly chock-a-block. Still, it’s nice to have a cold beer (Budvar) or five whilst enjoying the sun. Tapas for dinner – with a heavenly chorizo and black pudding dish – and then a few more shandies before we headed home.

Throughout the day I had the occasional glass of water, and had applied some suntan lotion before we had gone out so I was neither hungover nor bright pink! Phew.

Sunday has been a day of lethargy, aside from washing the car and the odd spot of tidying up it’s been Formula One and footie all day.

And the best part of the weekend? Tomorrow, cos I’ve got the day off!!