Can’t believe it’s Friday already. This is despite both Louise and I thinking that YESTERDAY was Friday, something we are putting down to the lovely weather we HAD (grey and with a slight chill in the air this morning… welcome to Scotland).


My “should I post when I’ve nothing to post” post was interesting. I’m fully aware that it was completely contrived but it was still interesting to read your comments so thanks for that. It was borne out of habit rather than need… you see I’ve been a bit busy.

In fact I think I would go far as to say that I’m a little stressed at the moment. The POTW site is dragging WAY beyond my deadline and is now a burden rather than a pleasure and no, this is not a call for help as it’s more that I’ve lost motivation to tackle it because I have two paying customers waiting for some movement (one is time critical, one isn’t). Another factor is the bigger project I’ve mentioned before which has seemed to hit a bottleneck. This weekend will see me taking the bull by the horns methinks (something I probably should’ve done a couple of weeks back)

All of this sits beside the fact that, at work, I’m down to one. Me. The other member of my team (which was already one short) left a couple of weeks ago and I’m picking up his work as well as trying to start some new stuff. Now I know that EVERYONE is busy, and I hate to moan. So I’ll stop.


Tonight Louise and I are out for dinner to celebrate the 70th birthday of her Aunt Mary (her Mum’s sister). It’s at the Cruin, somewhere I’d recommend if you ever make it to Loch Lomond…. ohh balls .. just remembered that I’ve left my camera at home. Arsebuckets.

Anyway, a late night drive home will mean we have the weekend to ourselves. Gardening is on the cards, as is a visit to the cinema. And yes, a fair chunk of work as well (at least five or six mockups are the aim).


Ohh and whilst I remember, this site will slowly start to evolve over the coming months. So far I’m planning to upgrade to WordPress 2, import the overflow posts into WordPress, import comments from HaloScan and switch to WordPress commenting (both on main posts and overflow posts), and return to a more minimal design and then promise not to change it for at least one year. Yes I’m hoping to create a ‘brand’ that I’m happy with. Fingers crossed.

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