Desert Island Time Limit

Pick eight significant songs to take to your desert island, but you only have two days to come up with them, said Rob.

1. Angel by Massive Attack
The pounding bassline grabs you by throat whilst Horace Andy’s gentle falsetto sings of the unrequited love of a dark menace. My desert island will have a very loud sound system and immersing myself in this growling, heaving, throbbing track will provide both aggressive relief and calming breaths. It’s the paradox that this track offers that makes it a compulsive, repeat, listen for me.

2. The Other Side by David Gray
This one is all about the lyrics. Soft piano chords introduce a sad song, minor keys mirror the hope of a lost man, a man about to start a personal journey through which he remains unsure of his position “sick of hearing my own lies”.

3. A Day in the Life by The Beatles
The best track on one of the best albums (Sgt. Pepper) this track has everything that The Beatles were good at, the opening melancholy, the cheery reciting of a man making his way to work, and that huge building crescendo. The final multi-layered chord providing the tumultous close (barring the repeated nonsense that was recorded beyond the end of the LP, meaning those with auto-return arms on their record players would never hear it… it looped over and over if you let it).

4. Loveshack by the B52’s
The sun is setting on my desert island, me and the crabs have had a little too much home-made rum, so what better track to bung on, turn up and “get dowwwnnnn” to. The perfect hybrid of sunny, silly pop and good old fashioned rock. If YOU see a faded sign by the side of the road, keep on going. This loveshack is mine, baby!

5. Scottish Rain by The Silencers
A glorious love song that gently sweeps over you, this remains my favourite track of theirs, never failing to evoke memories and images from years gone. Even now, writing this silly little meme, a lump is forming in my throat. And whatever better way, as I lie baking under the harsh sun, to remember my homeland in all it’s hues and colours.

6. Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen
Determined to choose a track by my favourite ever band, it is somewhat troublesome given the depth of their catalogue. So I decided to plump for what they were best at, gloriously over the top pomp rock. From the opening harmonies to the slow build from guitar through the bass, the subtle handclaps and the rolling intro of the drums, this is a corker. Best still, as I’m all alone on the island I get to pick up a stick, spin, whirl, stomp my feet and “be Freddie” for 4 minutes and 16 seconds.

7. Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead
Still sends shivers up my spine. Thom Yorke’s soaring vocal, strummed guitar and the way this track builds made me realise that rock’n’roll wasn’t all about noise and pop music wasn’t always cheery. Still a favourite album, always a favourite track.

8. Blackbird by The Beatles
Such a simple song. So beautiful. I could listen to it all day.

Now, I’m supposed to “tag” two people with this… but I can’t be arsed. Sorry. Meme overkill.

Let me know if you pick up the baton.

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