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I’m on the train, heading for Edinburgh and wondering if I should have charged the spare battery for my camera. Oh well, too late now.

My ultimate destination will be the Jolly Judge pub, and I should be there from just before 2pm until… well… sometime much later. My last train back is at 9.20pm, and there is every chance that, once again, I’ll JUST make it and spend the first few minutes of the journey trying to catch my breath. Ohhh OK, I’ll probably just be recovering when we chug into Motherwell station an hour later.

If you are in Edinburgh and are free anytime after 2pm, feel free to pop along. Bloggers, non-bloggers, friends and family. All welcomed. The pub is near the top of the Royal Mile on the right, and well signposted (it’s between two shops and down a lane).

Hope to see you there and remember, mine’s a Guinness!

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