Curse of the Were-Rabbit

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I should really leave it at that, shouldn’t I. After all if you don’t know who Wallace and Gromitt are then I have to ask where you’ve been hiding. Now, I’m pretty sure they are more popular in the UK, and given the focus on the more eccentric side of English culture (primarily) I do wonder how much translates around other parts of the world, but the simple fact is that the story is universal enough, and paced well enough that it doesn’t really matter where you are from, you should enjoy this movie.

So, the story then. Well let’s just say that is another of Wallace’s experiments gone wrong, includes bunny rabbits and a village’s annual vegetable competition (think ‘carrotts’) and you can see where a lot of the humour is derived from. Whilst not as well polished as a Pixar production, it’s still got plenty of laughs for the kids and their parents.

If you liked any of the previous Wallace and Gromitt movies you’ll love this. It’s relentless, silly, exciting and endearing all at the same time. But the thing I REALLY love about it is that you can, occasionally, see the odd thumbprint here and there. It’s a testament to the movie that it takes something like that to remind you that you are watching stop-frame animation of figures made of plasticine!

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