A subtle hint

A while back I mentioned, in passing, that I’d lost a little weight. Since then things have stalled a little and whilst I’ve not put any back on (my usual habit) I’ve not lost any more, but this week it’s back to the grind, watching the intake and burning some calories off.

Doubly so now.

Yesterday morning, as I got out of the car at the station, the button on my trousers popped off. My belt did it’s job though and thankfully managed to stop my trousers from succumbing to gravity and as it was too late to go back home to change I had little choice but to dash (in a rather awkward fashion) for the train. I even managed to get through the rest of the day with surprisingly little incident.

After work we nipped out to the local Lidl (supermarket) and when we got home, as I started to unload the car, I got another ‘hint’ that I need to step things up on the diet front. My belt broke (the buckle decide to part company with it’s own top bar). Somehow my buttonless, beltless trousers stayed up until I staggered awkwardly into the kitchen, saving the neighbours from a not too pleasant sight, and suffice to say that I’m taking it as a none too subtle sign.

Although a note on the fridge would have worked just as well..

Note: The belt was pretty old and on it’s way out, the leather was beginning to fray badly and I really should have thrown it out sooner. So if nothing else I’ll certainly not be taking any more risks on the belt front in the near future. Let this be a lesson to you all – wear braces!