They say you learn something new everyday. Yesterday was an exception as I lost count of the number of things I learned. Let me try and re-cap.

1. When arranging a blogmeet, provided the ADDRESS of the pub as well as the name. This will save at least two people getting lost (apologies to Peter and Corrinne).
2. Suggest everyone prints out a “blogcard” to save me scrabbling around for a piece of paper to jot down the attendees and their URLs (hat-tip to the very well organised Chameleon).
3. Don’t presume everyone reads the Scottish Blogs news page and EMAIL ALL previous attendees (apologies to Gunnella but thanks for turning up!)
4. Lots of other interesting things that will come to me once the fug of Guinness has cleared.

So, putting my guilt (points 1 and 3) aside, I can happily say that it was a great afternoon in the company of some lovely, intelligent and funny individuals. The fact that we were sharing part of the pub with a random assortment of fiddlers, a mandolin player and a couple of singers (one of whom did have a lovely voice), only added to the day.

As I mentioned to various people yesterday, I’m probably the worst person in the world to be organising these things given that I have such a terrible memory. It was with some relief that everyone who said they’d come along found the pub (eventually) and seemed to have a good time. Who attended? You ask. Well, and I’ll try and do this in order of “appearance”, I spent the afternoon with:

Some photos have appeared already, and there will be more here soon.

Another good day hanging out in the pub with “strangers that you kinda know”. What an odd hobby we share yet how rewarding it is. Many thanks to everyone who came along, see you in Edinburgh for the next one!

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