Friday evening. A few beers with my mates, and a great night that was only spoiled by a pint of “flowery” beer (Deuchars I believe). Celeb spotted Donnie Munro in Babbity Bowsters (where I’ll be this coming weekend for the Glasgow blogmeet – 2pm people!), had mince and lorne sausage stovies in Cafe Source – a lovely setting in the basement of St.Andrews in the Square – and several pints of the drink “Now shipped in from Dublin”, and a few Kronenburg 1664 Blanc. And I’ve only just this second recalled having my arse groped in the Chip Bar by a nurse. At least I think she did, but as the pub has a capacity of 28 you don’t really have much choice but to stand pretty close to people.

Slightly fuzzy head on Saturday morning.

Saturday evening and we celebrated the wedding of our friends Bill and Fran. Was a good night in a local Masonic hall (cheap booze), although it did include the worst rendition of Coldplay’s Yellow. Too much to recall, but finally finished drinking around 4.30 a.m. back at the newlyweds house and still feeling a little woozy and tired at 9.30pm.

It’s always good catching up with friends, and it’s all the more rare as Ian works overseas – he flies back to Greece on Tuesday and won’t be back until December – and Keith will be spending the first 6 months or so next year on tour (I’d drop names but that would be really really shallow of me, suffice to say that they are on the bill for the opening ceremony for the World Cup next year). In saying that Stuart and Alan are only 20 minutes away, and Bill and Fran are usually up for a drink or seven, no real excuse then!

Anyway, I’m off for some painkillers and some sleep!