Some bits and bobs from my life in the past week.

Got my cholesterol checked after my Dad’s heart attack, expecting it to be high (was 7.summat a couple of years), and was quite surprised to hear that it’s now 4.9 (and yes, I got them to double check they had the right set of records). Not sure how I managed that but decide it’s a blessing and had a large plate of butter-fried eggs to celebrate…


My sister-in-law now owns her house! After a lot of hassle, stemming from old debts run up by her ex-husband, and a lot of wonderful work by her bank (yes, that’s right, they were fantastic!) she now is the proudest owner of a mortgage I’ve ever seen. So happy for her I’m lost for words. Almost…


Glorious meal last night for our anniversary (thanks to all the well wishers). Went to a reliable favourite – The Grapevine – and it was as gorgeous as ever. Got home, opened a bottle of wine (one we’d been keeping for a “special occasion”), watched a movie (School of Rock – who says romance is dead!!), then retired to the bedroom…

*cut to bedroom door closing*


I’ve not written up many reviews recently as I’m a bit swamped to be honest, I’m currently consuming: Tara Blaise, Richard Thompson, Goldfrapp, Miss Kittin, and Garrison Keillor.