Broadband Baby!

I recently signed up for Odeo, the podcast service, and during the signup process I was greeted with the following message:

Having your subscriptions auto-magically downloaded to your computer is a big part of what Odeo is all about. For that to happen you need to have a copy of the Odeo Syncr. It’s only 6.5MB, and now is a good time to get it…

How times have changed.

“It’s only 6.5MB” it says and I found myself agreeing. Long gone are the days of waiting 20 minutes to download a 6.5MB file, more and more I find myself using web based services, Flickr,, blogrolling, Bloglines, Backpack, Ta-Da, audioscrobbler and so on.

Of them all I think blogrolling is still the one I use the most (several times a day as I use it on my own personal “start page”), which one do you use the most?

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